Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Drawing of a breast lift result

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that reshapes and raises the breasts and nipples up to a more youthful position. This is achieved by removing excess skin, thus tightening the skin “pocket” so that the underlying breast tissue, which is reshaped and secured superiorly on the chest wall, is firmer and lifted.

During your evaluation with Dr. Franco-Webb, you will be advised as to what type of breast lift will achieve your goals. The different types of breast lifts include a crescent incision along the top half of the areola, a donut incision around the entire areola, a lollipop incision which involves an incision around the areola and a vertical incision from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease. The most common type of breast lift that Dr. Franco-Webb performs is an anchor incision, which is a combination of the lollipop incision and one in the breast crease.

A breast lift is sometimes performed along with a breast augmentation when a woman’s breasts have lost enough volume that a mastopexy alone won’t produce the firmness and the shape that the woman desires.

Women who benefit from a breast lift are those whose breasts have become droopy and “deflated”, having lost volume superiorly. This can occur after pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or sometimes just genetics. In addition to attaining more youthful breasts, a patient who undergoes a breast lift procedure also benefits from achieving a more elongated torso because their breasts are no longer lying on their upper abdomen.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ statistics, breast lift surgeries have increased by 70% since the year 2000. In 2012 alone, 89,067 breast lift procedures were performed.



The Consultation


During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Franco-Webb will obtain a breast history as well as a general medical and surgical history from you. She will review your medications and supplements. She will examine and measure your breasts, noting any asymmetries or abnormalities. She will listen to what you desire for size and shape as well as give you her own recommendations for your body type. She will advise you if combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation will give you a more optimal result. She will answer all of your questions.

You will also receive a price quote for the procedure as well as receive further information about the process of scheduling surgery.



The Cost

Breast reduction combined with breast lift results (front view).

Before and after image of a breast reduction and a breast lift.

The estimated cost for a standard breast lift is $7,000 – $9,000.

The estimated cost for a standard breast lift combined with a breast augmentation is $10,500 – $12,000.

This cost includes: Surgeon’s Fee, Anesthesia Fee, Surgical Facility Fee, Labs, Post-Surgery Bras, and All Clinic Visits.



The Pre Surgical Appointment

Approximately two weeks prior to your surgery, you will meet with Dr. Franco-Webb again. You will receive your prescriptions and thorough instructions for before and after surgery. Your pre surgical photos will be taken. You will review the surgical procedure and your desired outcome with Dr. Franco-Webb. All of your questions will be answered.



InSight Surgery Center

Dr. Franco-Webb performs all of her surgical procedures at InSight (formerly Renewal) Surgery Center. InSight is an outpatient surgery center, fully accredited by the Association of Ambulatory Care Facilities. It is conveniently located in Lone Tree, Colorado. InSight’s nursing staff will contact you a couple of days prior to your procedure to review your medical history, give you instructions for before your surgery, and to answer your questions.

On the day of your surgery, you will arrive at the surgery center 1-1/2 hours prior to your surgery time. One of our well skilled nurses will check you in and place an IV in your arm for medications. You will meet with one of our Board Certified Anesthesiologist Physicians who will review your medical history, explain the anesthesia technique and risks, and answer all of your questions.

Dr. Franco-Webb will review with you the plans for your procedure. With you sitting upright, she will draw the keyhole markings on your breasts, checking for symmetrical markings with a level.

Drawing showing a breast lift keyhole incision.





Drawing showing the breast lift incision and closure.







The Procedure

You will be taken back to the operating room and will be placed on an operating bed. Your anesthesiologist will proceed with general anesthesia. Your arms will be wrapped and secured on arm boards. Your chest will be sterilely prepped and draped.

Your nipple-areolas will be re sized, as per your preference size, using circular metal marking devices. Starting with one breast, Dr. Franco-Webb will cut the skin along the keyhole markings. The breast tissue directly underneath the nipple-areolas will be left attached, separating this tissue, known as the pedicle, from the overlying skin. The newly reshaped breast mound and nipple-areola will be moved upward, stitching and securing it to its new superior position on the chest muscle. The excess skin will be removed and the skin will be closed with dissolvable stitches (sutures). Prior to the final closures, you will be sat upright while you are still under anesthesia so that Dr. Franco-Webb can check for size and shape of your breast.

The same procedure is performed on your other breast. You will be sat upright again before the final closures to check for size, shape and symmetry. If there were any size differences between the two breasts, Dr. Franco-Webb will even this out during this surgery. Light dressings and a surgical bra will be placed on you. You will be awoken from general anesthesia, extubated and taken to our recovery room.



The Recovery Room

In the recovery room, two of our well skilled nurses will monitor you. They will make sure that you are recovering comfortably from surgery. Our patients are typically in the recovery room for one hour to 1-1/2 hours. During that time, your nurse will review with your caregiver the instructions that Dr. Franco-Webb had reviewed with you during your pre surgery appointment.

At Home (1 to 3 days after surgery):

You will have a surgical bra on. Two days after surgery, she can shower. You will take your medications as directed by Dr. Franco-Webb. You will stay well hydrated and take stool softeners to prevent constipation from the narcotics. You will rest to aid with your healing phase.

First Post Surgery Visit (1 day after surgery):

During this visit, Dr. Franco-Webb will check to see that your breasts are healing well.  She will review your medications and your activity level.

Second Post Surgery Visit (8 days after surgery):

During this visit, Dr. Franco-Webb will check to see that your breasts are healing well. She will review your medications and your activity level.

Three to Four Weeks Post Surgery Visit

During this visit, Dr. Franco-Webb will check to see that your breast incisions have healed. She will advise you regarding scar treatments to provide you with the most optimal end result. At this point, you should be off medications. She will review your activity level. After 4 weeks from surgery, you can discontinue wearing your surgical bra during the day and choose to wear whatever is comfortable for you. You should, however, continue to wear your surgical bra at night for an additional 4 weeks.

Two to Three Months Post Surgery Visit

During this visit, Dr. Franco-Webb will check to see that your breast incisions are fading well. Post surgery photographs will be taken and you will be provided with before and after photos.

Six to Twelve Months Post Surgery Visits

During this visit, Dr. Franco-Webb will check to see that your breast incisions are fading well. It takes approximately one to two years before a scar is fully matured. Post surgery photographs will be taken and you will be provided with before and after photos.

You are always welcome to return to our clinic as all visits are included in the cost. At any time, you may contact our Staff or contact Dr. Franco-Webb directly as all of her patients are provided with her cell phone number.

Return to Work

Most women who undergo breast reduction surgery and who have a sedentary job are able to return to work one to two weeks after surgery. Woman who have a more physical job usually return to work two to four weeks after surgery. Dr. Franco-Webb will discuss this with you. Also, be aware that for the first few weeks after surgery, your energy level will be down, so do factor this in when returning to work.

Return to Exercise

One week after surgery, you can walk outside.  Three weeks after surgery, you can also ride a stationary bike, walk on a treadmill, or work out on an elliptical machine without using your arms. Six to eight weeks after surgery, you can engage in more physical activity such as jogging. However, you will need to wear a “high impact” zip front sports bra. Dr. Franco-Webb will thoroughly discuss your return to exercise timeline with you. Once you have completely healed from your surgery, she would like to encourage an active and energetic lifestyle for you!